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Customers aren't superheroes

So why do we write like they are?

Did you read the news this morning? Look for a new pair of jeans?

Can you remember the headlines? Can you remember the homepage?

I can't. It's the same with the last articles, emails and ads I read. I'm not even sure I could tell you what they were.

We can’t remember everything we read, so why do we write like customers have superhuman powers of memory?

We use a new slogan only once, include one call to action, avoid overusing that new brand name.

But customers are like us. They are us.

Saying it once isn't enough. Use the Rule of 7: customers need to hear a message seven times before they retain it. Seven times. Seven.

It's very easy to forget how familiar we are with a message, a name or a slogan when we're writing copy. But that familiarity only comes with repetition. Customers are reading that message, name or slogan for the first time.

So, say it clearly.

Say it again.

Say it five more times for good measure and it might just stick.


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