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"In the early months of joining my team I recall Sarah making an immediate impact, becoming very quickly a valued member of the marketing function, with a flexible and agile attitude her work was always well considered and of high quality. Sarah's independent nature meant she worked well with ambiguity; she certainly broke down perceived barriers between teams and constantly looked for opportunity to provide support and service to her colleagues.


I was very impressed with her maturity in tackling issues and building relationships, Sarah is considered in approach but provides pace and agility to delivering work whether herself or through the team. I’m confident Sarah has many of the skills to provide strong yet perceptive and receptive leadership across a team.


I would recommend Sarah for any cross-channel editorial and copywriting leadership role."





"Sarah is a true expert in the world of copy. She has a vast knowledge base, and is always able to advise on correct use of grammar. She is incredibly easy to work with, and is open to alternative ideas when working through a tricky piece of copy.


She is also incredibly well organised, and efficient in her working methods. Unsurprisingly, communication is one of her key skills, and she is equally capable in written and verbal communication.


She also has an uncanny knack of being able to translate a brief, and articulate it for others to understand."





"Sarah Hunt possesses a rare talent - hugely creative, yet flexible with her ideas. Her experience at John Lewis means she’s adept at managing stakeholders, and her years spent in different departments makes her quick to interpret briefs and adaptable to moving goalposts. Highly principled, conscientious and passionate.


A real pleasure to work alongside, I've watched her keep our studio on track, bringing out creativity in a positive, encouraging way, whilst still getting on with her own work to the highest standard. She has a really good knowledge of current trends and business needs."





"Sarah is incredibly passionate about copy. She takes ownership of her own development, constantly finding opportunities and taking the initiative to expand her knowledge across disciplines, which makes Sarah a very creative and versatile copywriter. She also works very well under pressure, taking calm, informed decisions in a work environment where she needs to be proactive, decisive and also strong.


As a tone of voice guardian, Sarah constantly shows a real commitment to the Partnership and the principles it stands for. She has great understanding on how to keep the brand true to itself but also makes sure she keeps it innovative and dynamic in an ever-changing retail environment.


Sarah is constantly building relationships with key stakeholders, trying to build bridges across teams. Searching for opportunities to influence others with her editorial copy direction is always at the forefront of her day to day."





"I have worked closely with Sarah for just over three years and have marvelled at the speed and decisiveness of her thinking but what’s more impressive is her ability to explain her conclusions in a clear and calm manner. I am sure her decidedness comes from her impressive knowledge and vision of the John Lewis brand.


In the short time that I’ve worked with Sarah, I have gained tremendous confidence in her wordsmith ability as an important participant in quick decision-making situations. She brings to the team an ability to quickly understand the issues, agility to think of alternative options, confidently challenge as well as support others with creative suggestions and then clearly articulates the collective thoughts.


She is an eager team player and a highly respected Partner plus I have witnessed no lack of courage when situations become tough." 





"I have worked closely with Sarah on numerous strategic projects, where her experience, commitment to John Lewis and incredible knowledge of the JL brand have been integral to the project's success.  


Recently we worked on Never Knowingly Undersold together, a challenging and political project due to the importance of NKU to the brand, the scale of the project, the number of channels affected and multiple senior stakeholders. Sarah has played a pivotal role in the success and efficient delivery of this project, leading the copy development from concept to completion across in-store communications, publications, online communications & ticketing, showing her keen understanding of the business and strong working relationships. 


Sarah has responded to the numerous changes with patience, a sense of urgency and swift action in order to keep the project delivery on track, whilst ensuring the tone of voice stays true to the NKU brand strategy." 





"As a freelancer, I'm lucky enough to work with many different creative leaders, and Sarah is particularly impressive in that she is both highly creative and an extremely good manager.


Her briefings and feedback are always insightful and clear, making it easy to progress a project, and her creative contribution is invaluable; whether working together, or in a directional role.


It goes without saying that Sarah is a highly skilled copywriter and has an excellent feel for tone of voice. She ensures language stays true to both the brand and the strategic intention of a brief, while always challenging us to explore fresh ways of expressing a message.


She is decisive and passionate about the work we do, and will always push for the best answer. She understands the bigger picture, and also has real command of the detail.


As such, Sarah is adept at planning and prioritising work and our status sessions are always clear and decisive: I come away knowing exactly what needs to be done, by when and what the issues or time pressures are.


To sum up: I rate Sarah's skills as both a copywriter and a leader very highly. She has energy and commitment, is practical and strategic, and is a pleasure to work with."





"Sarah Hunt was Web Editor with JLFS from Oct 13 - Apr 15. During that time she was a key member of the Marketing team. Such was her command of copy and tone of voice, Sarah quickly became the go-to person for all copy needs and tone of voice guidance across the 10th floor. Additionally working with agencies on brand strategy and direction.


I would also highlight her first-rate organisation, planning and prioritisation. Nothing was ever dropped. In a changing, growing part of the business, Sarah led on all website updates, product changes, campaigns (including a JLFS TV ad), new launches, with upmost efficiency and always delivered.


Sarah was a credit to FS and the Partnership while with us and while we reluctantly let her go, it was clear that such a talent had a bright career ahead."





"Sarah is very commercially driven - she has totally embraced the fundamental approach of John Lewis that focussing on good customer service will deliver financial returns. Sarah absolutely understands the John Lewis customer and her copywriting skills are brilliant at communicating messages clearly and persuasively.


Sarah is extremely generous with her talent - she supported the whole JLFS department with creating appropriate content, and was instrumental in driving forward a consistent approach to copy.


Sarah is brilliant to work with - she’s professional and approachable and above all Sarah is reliable: if she commits to a deadline she will meet it. If circumstances change unexpectedly, she can adapt instantly and still meet her objectives and deadlines.


Sarah has a knack for creating strong working relationships with people working at all different levels and with very different personalities. She is a great asset to a team, focusing on objectives and remaining professional at all times, with a friendly attitude and approachable nature.


Sarah was always pro-active about understanding the overall performance of the website and we’d regularly speak about the general trends in customer behaviour. Sarah was also very clear about understanding the insights from our Adobe Analytics data before making changes to pages, including the seasonality of particular articles and how they should be promoted onsite and within emails.


I was very excited to learn that Sarah was keen to run testing on the website, to get the best content to drive the main KPIs - Sarah suggested her own copy tests, and also supported the design and imagery testing in conjunction with the Senior Designer. I have rarely worked with someone in a ‘words-focused’ role who is as comfortable with data and analysis."




"Sarah has a natural ability to lead people and direct them to their own conclusions. She is very comfortable at nurturing and supporting her colleagues and getting the best out of them.


I heavily relied upon Sarah to lead the team in a Manager’s absence to support her colleagues and be on hand for advice, when we re-launched the website several years ago and during a Manager’s absence over a Clearance period.


She is naturally very creative and would bring to life the page designs we would brief into our web design team, she was respected and well-liked amongst her stakeholders and would easily bring people on side to do the right thing for the customer."







"I first worked with Sarah in the Category teams for johnlewis.com where she trained me as a copywriter. When doing so, she communicated clearly and effectively, always making sure her expectations were understood. She was patient and always handled difficult situations with grace.


Since then, in my role as Product Copy Manager for the Online Operations team, I asked to work with her as my mentor. We have met fortnightly for meetings in which she has set direction and steered me towards delivering results, whether this be around managing members of my team or landing Pioneer projects ahead of the deadline.


Notably, she has also been involved in developing talent in my team, organising a Copy workshop for all Online copywriters, which she took the initiative to set up, responding to an appetite from the teams for more creative opportunity.


The workshops involved external agencies provoking discussion around Tone of voice and writing compelling and direct product copy. This was widely appreciated by the Online Operations and Online Content teams, many of whom fed back their gratitude to me."